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Two new Seur services, "Courier Muestras" and "International Terrestre - Net Express", enriches our list!

Take a look at our to connect Seur in our step by step guide here.

Would you like to lower your average shipping budget in just a click?

This is possible with our ShippyPro Routing OptimizerΒ feature!

By merging your orders containing similar recipient info you will not only reduce the environmental impact, but you'll also drastically reduce shipping costs by displaying your estimated savings and you'll be able to dedicate more time to your business. πŸ’Ό

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Labels in the Box available for PostNord! πŸ“¦

News Improvement Carrier 1 month ago

You now have the possibility to print PostNord Return Labels together with shipment labels by simply clicking on the option from Carriers > Connection > Print Return Labels:

ShippyPro says Hi to the newest Carrier integration: GLS Portugal is officially live!

Check here how to connect it in just a few steps.