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New CSCart orders status filter 📥

New 3 days ago

You can now select the order status to be imported from your CSCart account directly from Marketplace > Edit on ShippyPro.

Amazon Sweden is now part of ShippyPro integrations!

New 1 month ago

Hurray, Amazon Sweden has now joined ShippyPro's library of 60+ Sales Channels integrations! Just a few days after its official launch, Swedish merchants can connect to their ShippyPro account and start managing their orders with ease!

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Take your shipping process one step further with ShippyPro Enterprise API

New 4 months ago

Great news for ShippyPro users! We have released new Enterprise APIs to improve the delivery experience you offer from the purchasing to returns phase.

Our APIs are built to empower any kind of company worldwide to get the most out of ShippyPro. What’s more, the ShippyPro platform will always be up to date with all your tracking updates and useful insights so you can keep shipping your orders from our dashboard. 

This way you can convert, cross-sell, upsell and retain more, and also support your sustainable strategy implementation with data-driven decisions. Verify your shipping addresses, calculate custom duties, CO2 emissions and so much more with one API for all your Carriers! Learn more about how our APIs work here or click on the chat logo on the bottom right to talk to our Integration Managers. We will help you build the perfect shipping strategy for your business!


Discover what you can do with ShippyPro API

Check Address API > Let ShippyPro verify and correct every shipping address. This way, every package always arrives at the right destination. Avoid incorrect addresses and surcharges, delays and bad reviews, automatically. Learn more here.

Proof of Delivery API > Retrieve the digital signature as soon as the shipment has been delivered to your customer. This way, you’ll be extra sure that the package has been delivered and you can answer your customers' requests more efficiently. Learn more here.

Custom Duty APIs > With Landed Cost API and Get HS Code API, you can calculate custom duties before shipping and retrieve HS Codes of multiple products to be transmitted to your Carriers. Speed up customs clearance and avoid any unnecessary delays. Learn more here.

CO2 Impact API > Calculate the carbon footprint of your shipments and collect data to support your sustainability strategy with data-driven decisions. With CO2 Impact API, you can access reliable data for your annual sustainability report. Learn more here.



Amazon United Arab Emirates and Fastway Courier are now available! 🎉

New 5 months ago



Great news! Amazon United Arab Emirates has recently joined ShippyPro's library of 120+ Sales Channels integrations! You can now connect to your ShippyPro account in just a few steps and start managing your orders with ease.



Fastway Courier is also available ready to be connected in one click! Fastway currently operates in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. 


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DHL Express drop–off points now available at checkout!

New 5 months ago


Hurray! You can now show DHL Express drop–off points at checkout! Improve your conversion rate at checkout by showing your customers:

  • The nearest pickup locations of one or more Carriers inside a Map
  • Real-time shipping rates for multiple delivery options

This way, you'll let them choose the delivery option that that best suits their needs. And you don't need a developer: the integration with the most popular CMS is quick. Easy, right?