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Seur Pickup points just released! 📦

New Feature Carrier 2 months ago

ShippyPro Drop-off point list gets bigger: Seur Pickup point now available for all Seur users!

From today you can automatically let your customers choose the delivery option they prefer by showing Drop-off points at checkout on a customizable map, or choose a Drop-off point while creating a single shipment from To Ship > Carriers Options.

Learn here how to start shipping to a Seur Pickup Point.

Abbiamo appena rilasciato un aggiornamento per la nostra integrazione di Poste Delivery Business:

Ora potrai aggiungere il servizio richiesto direttamente in fase di creazione della spedizione direttamente cliccando su Opzioni Corriere!

Scopri di più nella nostra guida dedicata.

All the ShippyPro Team is thrilled to partner with Five Elms Capital to keep providing our customers with the most complete global delivery infrastructure.
Here some of the expected outcomes in the next future:
- We will invest more and more on our customer success culture, hiring 100 tech talents to deliver our clients only memorable customer experiences
- Develop new awesome features that will help you build the best–in–class delivery experience for your customers. 
But much more is yet to come, keep following the ShippyPro journey to the most complete global delivery infrastructure.
Read more on our Series A funding via MarTech Cube here!