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Get the best out of your API integration! Test your APIs with real Carriers before integrating them, view all your API Logs and avoid some errors with our advanced tools!


API Console



  • Connect your Carriers and test all ShippyPro APIs from Integrations & API > API in real-time to get an instant response.
  • This way, you know exactly how each API works before integrating it.


API Logs



  • View all your API Logs and get useful insights for each API Call.
  • Check the real request and response of all your APIs.


API Errors



  • Get help if something goes wrong in real-time and automatically.
  • Learn how you can improve the management of your APIs at a glance.


Webhook Logs



  • Insert your endpoint and get notified upon changes in the delivery state.
  • Get access to some useful insights of tracking updates we send you in real-time.



This new feature allows you to see the Proof of Delivery of the fulfilled shipments directly from your ShippyPro dashboard.

You can see your Customer’s signature from Track&Trace section. POD appears when you click on the tracking number for an order that has already been delivered.

The couriers available are: TNT, FedEx, Ups, DHL, DHL Paket, Chronopost, Geodis, DPD France, GLS, Nexive. If your courier isn't on the list, don't worry. Contact the courier for more information about POD.

POD is free, there is no additional charge!


With ShippyPro you can already send a Feedback email to your customers after the order delivery. You decide what they have to evaluate: ShippyPro, the Couriers, your products or your Company. You just need to enable the last tracking email within the Track & Trace settings.

Now you can do even Better!

From today you can take advantage of a Widget and a Feedback Portal (Custom Domain) to manage all your Customer Feedback!  The Customer Feedback left in the Feedback Email will be displayed in your Feedback Portal.

If you want, you can add the Portal link in your email, to let your customers take a look to all your Feedback.

You can also include the Widget on your website to show customers your star rating.

Discover how to configure the Custom Domain and the Widget, it takes a few steps!

These features are free: you don’t need to upgrade your Plan, they are available for each Plan you have subscribed to.

🚚 UPS Turkey, InPost PL, P2P, GoldEkspres have recently joined ShippyPro's library of couriers integrations! Stay up to date on 55+ Carriers and 110+ Sales Channels available on directly from your profile.