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Do you ship with Express One? Drop-off points are now available!

From today you can automatically let your customers choose the delivery option they prefer by showing Drop-off points at checkout on a customizable map, or choose a Drop-off point while creating a single shipment from To Ship > Carriers Options.

Discover how to connect Express One to ShippyPro in our guide!Β 

Slovak Parcel is now available among ShippyPro's integrations!

Discover how to connect Slovak Parcel to ShippyPro and how to easily start shipping with this Carrier from here!


Filtering in your Track and Trace panel has never been easier! From today you can view your shipments also filtered by Country!

Starting from now you can use a new Carrier for your ecommerce shipments: ParcelPakket!

Do you want to learn more about the available services and how to connect ParcelPakket to ShippyPro? Take a look at this guide!

From today you can connect BigCommerce to your ShippyPro account!

This new Sales Channel can be integrated in just a few clicks, discover more in this useful guide!