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This new Carrier is ready to be connected to your ShippyPro account from Carriers > Connection page!

Discover all the simple steps to start shipping with Koiki in this useful guide!Β 

If you ship with Yodel you can take advantage of two new Carrier services:

  • 2CPNI - Xpress 48 POD Irlanda del Nord
  • 2CXN

Haven't you connected your Yodel account yet? Find out how to add a new Carrier in this guide!

From today, if you ship with Bartolini, you can let your clients select the drop-off points [FermoPoint] they prefer to easily collect their packages!

After having connected BRT from Carriers>Connection page, you can follow these steps:

  • If you have Bartolini API, you can select the FermoPoint ID among the Carrier Options within the Ship call.Β 
  • If you’re creating a shipment in To Ship, you can select a FermoPoint inside the Carrier Options or by choosing it from the map, having previously enabled BRT from the ShippyPro Live Checkout settings.

Β Find out more in this guide!

Express One has joined our Carriers list, you can easily integrate it from Carriers > Connection page.

Find out all the steps to connect Express One to ShippyPro in this useful guide!

Great news if you ship with DHL Connect! From today your customers can choose the drop off points they prefer directly from a handy and customizable map.

Find out how to integrate DHL Connect to your ShippyPro account in this guide!